As-Built or Existing-Conditions Architectural Drawings

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Digital RolleiMetric 6008Documenta's photogrammetric and laser scanning surveys are fundamental steps to beLeica HDS Laser Scanner undertaken before any conservation, renovation or redevelopment intervention.

Our expert recorded as-built drawings objectively document the authentic character and state of a building or structure, taking into consideration all visible changes that it may have been subject to during its life.  

The resulting existing conditions documents provide an indiscriminate picture of the conditions of the object. This objective existing-conditions information allows for the correct assessment of the conditions of a building, site, structure or monument condition and provides an in-depth level of understanding, which should serve as the basis for every future action.

Save $!!1 - Cost: We reduce time and crew in the field drastically. In addition, the time required for the creation of the as-built drawings is also considerably minimized, as all information is contained in the photographs or in the scan, eliminating the need to return to the site for additional information. As a consequence, the overall cost is substantially lower than traditional survey costs, while providing superior results.   

More time for other things!2 - Readiness and time saving: Photogrammetry and laser scanning are fast methods for acquiring as-built information. Once the photographs or scan are obtained, we have documented the object. All further work is done in our office and is not affected by conditions that usually interfere in manual or other surveys. In emergencies, we can execute a complete documentation in a matter of hours.

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No mistakes!3 - Precision: The precision of the existing-conditions drawings depends on the scale and can be adjusted accordingly. Accuracy of measurements in the real world range usually from 1:2,000 to 1:10,000 parts. However, we can obtain an even higher degree of accuracy. A 50 ft (15m) long object can be defined from 1/3 to 1/12 of an inch (0.8 to 0.2 cm). Complex structures can be effectively and precisely documented.

Ooops!4 - Accessibility: We can produce as-built drawings from remote positions. This is advantageous for example, in buildings in a deteriorated state, inaccessible or high façades, pinnacles, in archaeological sites, hazardous (nuclear plants, for example) or in complex industrial sites, etc. Weather conditions, accordingly, have little impact on the site survey.

Selectivity5 - Selectivity: From the photographs or scan, it is possible for us to select elements according to the objective of a particular existing-conditions drawing. All surveyed information is available for later analysis and drawing. Surface texture details, for example, can initially be ignored to focus on the form or structural layout.

Homogeneity6 - Homogeneity: In the as built information, all points, elements and details are surveyed and drawn with the same precision, without unexpected hierarchizing of importance or accuracy due to variations in access, on (site) crew, or weather conditions. High or difficult-to-reach points in a building, for example, are surveyed to the same degree of accuracy as low or ground level ones.

Flexibility in documenting7 - Flexibility: Another important characteristic of our measured drawings is that they can be executed in two steps. The first step is acquiring the photographs or scan, which is fast executed and completely documents the objectWork in comfortable conditions

The second step, executed in our office, is the restitution of the existing-conditions information and production of as-built drawings. This can be done immediately or when and if the need arises (for example, in preventive documentation of heritage resources, should natural catastrophes or accidents occur), or when funds become available. Recording post-disaster conditions, or changes over time (monitoring) are other applications where our services have also proved extremely valuable.

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