High-quality as-built or existing-conditions architectural drawings

As-Built or Existing-Conditions Architectural Drawings

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Drawings ready for your work!Documenta produces "Existing-Conditions" or "As-Built" CAD Drawings, Rectified Photographs, 3D Digital Models (Laser Scanned Point Clouds) that are ready for your use the moment you open the files.

Non-Contact Surveys - we utilize the latest Photogrammetric and Laser Scanning technologies to acquire accurate and precise "existing conditions" dimensional information.

■  Contact for a free quote:   415-717-5589   or   Email Documenta

1 - "Existing-Conditions" or "As-Builts" (elevations, plans, profiles, sections) of the surveyed building or structure and accurate measurement surveys of complex form objects. 

Highly Detailed As-Built Drawings

2 - True-To-Scale and Distortion-Free photographs digitally corrected through photogrammetric restitution, and layered into the CAD drawings (façades, murals, structural walls, art work).

As built - Rectified Images

3 - Point Clouds which are "rendering like" three dimensional digital visualizations of thousands of scanned points on a determined surface.

A 3D point cloud - Curry Village Bungalow

■  Contact for a free quote:   415-717-5589   or   Email Documenta

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