► To increase our capabilities in the laser scanning field, Documenta Surveys has recently purchased a new, state-of-the-art, Leica C10 scanner, greatly enhancing our flexibility and economy in providing specialized documentation services. We believe that ownership (instead of renting) of this crucial tool provides greater flexibility, allowing us to fully focus in each project, without concerns with rental times, state of the equipment, etc.  

We recently completed two interesting projects and would like to inform you about, as a display of our capabilities, and possibly assisting other clients:

  The Berkeley Memorial Stadium Exterior Wall Documentation: 

The renovation project maintains the entire historic perimeter wall with completely new field & interior installations along with seismic upgrading of the entire Stadium. 

Our work consisted in the documentation with laser scanning of both sides of the historic perimeter wall in order to establish its irregular thicknesses, due to old construction methods, as well as determining fissures and displacements caused by earthquakes during its almost 90 years of existence.

The Saint Andreas earthquake fault passes right under the Stadium, each halve of the Stadium oval sits on one side of the fault, causing displacements as shown in the picture.

A complete point cloud of the entire Stadium, allowed for precise measurements and creation of models that greatly assisted the team of professional in different assessments and plans.

Point cloud details of the exterior wall, UC Berkeley Coliseum

  The Shannon Mews Architectural Documentation:

The Shannon Estate is one of Vancouver’s premier heritage sites. This palatial estate was the grandest residential project designed by prominent Edwardian-era architects, Somervell & Putnam. It was built far from the city’s center on what was then a remote site at Granville Street and 57th Avenue. This ambitious forty-room mansion was the largest residence west of Toronto. The outbreak of war delayed completion until 1925. Financier Austin C. Taylor bought this estate in 1936, and lived here until his death in 1965. In the 1970s, a townhouse development by Erickson Massey Architects saw the insertion of a number of residential rental units through a substantial redesign of the site, while retaining the major heritage features. Now, object of a new redevelopment, it has it's historical components documented and maintained, as a condition for the rezoning of the area. 

Our work consisted in precisely documenting the building with the production of all exterior elevations, roofs, all plans including the basement and roof, sections, etc. In the interior, with 10 rooms with historic value, we produced about 40 interior elevations, floor plans and RCP.

With a complete laser scanned point cloud of the Mansion exterior, obtained with about 25 individual scans from different points around the structure, plus several 360 degrees scans of each of the 10 interior (historical) spaces, a large set of precise and detailed "existing-conditions" drawings were produced. The documentation was requested by the City of Vancouver Planning de Department as base for the preservation and restoration plans, part of the redevelopment process.

Main elevation CAD drawing

Point cloud of the interior, the entrance main corridor and stairs

Set of drawings of one of the interior spaces

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