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Elevated Shops

The Elevated Shops Building, San Francisco CA
Adaptive Reuse: - At Powell and O' Farrell Streets, downtown San Francisco CA, the Elevated Shops building was fully occupied by approximately 45 small businesses and had to be documented. An additional challenge was that disturbances to the tenants were to be avoided during the site survey.

Five floor plans, roof plan, 1 section, and 2 exterior elevations were produced with a 3-day site survey and 4 weeks of additional photogrammetric/CAD work.  

Existing-Conditions Floor Plan

To see and print the complete drawing, click to download the PDF file Elevated Shops Second Floor Plan (106KB)

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Detailed As-Built / Record Drawings

To see and print the complete drawing click to download the PDF file Elevated Shops Powell Street Elevation (443KB)

Please observe, in the example, these two outstanding characteristics of our photogrammetric / laser scanning surveys: 

1- Selectivity
: In addition to consistently measuring the complete structure (architectural and engineering plans, sections, elevations), layers on the CAD drawings detailed the extensive decoration - all information with the same degree of accuracy and dependability. 

2 - Homogeneity
: Points on the façade 5th floor and on the ground level were documented with the same accuracy. 

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