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Fresno Museum

Fresno Metropolitan Museum
The Fresno Metropolitan Museum, Fresno CA.

Parts of the façades will be resurfaced due to inadequate restoration efforts in the 50's. To assist documentation, digitally rectified images were produced and inserted as layers on the CAD drawings. 

These digital images have sufficient data to be properly printed along with the drawings on up to the largest available plots sizes, greatly assisting the rehabilitation project and works.   

Rectified Photographic Mosaic into CAD existing-conditions drawing

Rectified images allow for proper evaluation of textures, small faults and deterioration, and, as they are dimensionally correct, they can also be measured over along with the CAD drawing. 

To see and print the complete drawing, click to download the PDF file Fresno Museum (3,410 KB)

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Adaptive Reuse - As-Built / Record Drawings


The same drawing detail shown above, without the rectified image layer.

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