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Memorial Stadium - UC Berkeley

California Memorial StadiumThe California Memorial Stadium is an outdoor football stadium on the campus of the University of California in Berkeley.

The venue opened in 1923 and currently seats 71,799 fans, making it northern California's largest football stadium in terms of seating capacity. The stadium was listed in the National Register of Historic Places on November of  2006.

Several parts of the stadium have suffered structural distress over the years, the most extensive of which appear to be associated with displacements along the Hayward Fault, which longitudinally bisects the stadium from end zone to end zone. 


The seismic fault situated just below the Stadium, divides and pushes two parts of the wall in opposing directions
Although a complete renovation is underway, including seismic retrofitting, the main exterior wall, with historical value, should be entirely retained.

Documenta was hired to precisely document the exterior wall "existing-conditions" assisting the architectural and structural projects with accurate 3D information.


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Detailed scan of the exterior wall

Precise target controls points, permanently fastened to the structure and included in the overall point cloud (scanned data), will facilitate monitoring of future displacements of the wall.

Complete Poin Cloud of the Stadium

With more than 50 different laser scans from several points in the interior and exterior, we were able to produce a single unified (registered) point cloud of the entire Stadium (exterior and some interior). 

North Entrance and Tunnel

Detail of the scan

Detailed architectural details, overall dimensions, control points, leanings, displacements, fissures, levels, irregular surfaces and curvatures,   

■  Contact for a free quote:   415-717-5589   or   Email Documenta

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