As-Built or Existing-Conditions Architectural Drawings

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Documenta Surveys team of specialized architects and engineers, with international experience on multi-disciplinary projects, ensure that surveys and documentation meet exacting architectural and engineering standards for a variety of applications.

... like a well lubricated machine ... Peter Borges, B. Eng., founder of the company, has 25 years of experience with existing-conditions or as-built recording with a variety of processes (stereo-photogrammetry, multi-image photogrammetry, laser scanning, and others). 

Through restoration and renovation works with his own construction firm, he pioneered the utilization of photogrammetric measurements for restoration projects. Later, innovating with CAD/GIS/Revit interfaced digital close-range photogrammetry, he created a wide range of new applications and a new level of precision and cost effectiveness for professionally executed existing-conditions surveys.

Documenta's success is the result of theoretical and hands-on experience in related disciplines of "spatial data collection". - The tem ability to acquire and interpret architectural information that is relevant to revitalization, restoration, historical documentation, building surveys, and urban planning is what makes their work so successful. 

They strive to provide precise, accurate and useful as-built information to professional clients, architects, engineers, and planners, as efficiently and economically as possible.

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