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Documenta Surveys provides specialized photogrammetric as-built or as-found CAD drawings and non-contact measurements surveys for architecture, engineering, archaeology, historic preservation and documentation.


Documenta Surveys utilizes state-of-the-art Digital Photogrammetry and Laser Scanning technologies. With full in-house latest equipment and software, it freely utilizes the most appropriate technology, or the combination of them, to produce the best results.  

Deliverables for "As-Built" Documentations and Surveys

High quality, detailed, precise, and coherent as-built or as-found architectural CAD drawings. Rectified digital images inserted into the CAD drawings: distortion-free and scaled images that can be directly measured in the CAD environment. 3D digital models and scanned point clouds. Non-contact measurement surveys.

Advantages of our Professional Services

Reduced cost, Readiness and Time Saving, Precision, Accessibility, Selectivity, Homogeneity, and Flexibility on acquiring as-builts, or existing-conditions measurements and conditions. 

Documenta Surveys Professional Partners

Civil Engineers and Architects are the main partners of Documenta Surveys. With more than 25 years of experience in architectural documentation, they assure that all work is of the highest professional level. 

FAQ: services and deliverables

Thirteen objective and common questions and their answers our innovative services face regularly.  

Projects and Clients

For Documenta Surveys, our clients and past projects are all our best references. A good number of them are listed here. 


The first step. Provide basic preliminary information about your project, and we will contact you with a detailed and fixed fee proposal for your work. Defined and clear scope of work, deliverables, schedule, and fixed professional fees and expenses. - Fill in the form, email us, or contact us by phone. 

Request a Free Quote

Please provide information such as as overall dimensions, any existing photographs, sketches, old drawings, etc. In addition it will be very helpful if you describe any difficulty in photographing or/and scanning the site. Is the structure in use? has electric power? abandoned? Historically significant? etc. Finally, your scope of work; do you require "as-found" CAD floor plans? exterior elevations? interior elevations? reflected ceilings? sections? rectified images? 3D models? - We will be happy to provide a free quote in no more than a couple of days.

Projects Examples (with detailed PDF sample drawings)

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Our work speaks for itself - We think that the following examples will not only assist you in understanding the advantages of our documentations, but also will provide useful information and references about Documenta Surveys.

Historical Documentation and Conditions Assessment - Project Example - Documentation of the Ahwahnee Hotel at the Yosemite National Park, CA. Interior, artwork, and exterior documentation. More than 250 "as-found" CAD drawings as historical documentation, as support for a conditions assessment project, and for management.

Historical Documentation and Conditions Assessment - Project Example - The Curry Village at the Yosemite National Park, CA. In full use, these mostly wood cabins and structures are historical buildings - full and high-quality documentation is critical for maintaining their authenticity and historical character.

Historical Documentation and Conditions Assessment - Project Example - The Wawona Hotel Complex at the Yosemite National Park, CA. Some of the oldest buildings at the Park, their preservation poses a constant challenge for their historical authenticity.

Historical Documentation and Conditions Assessment - Project Example - Yosemite Village at the Yosemite National Park, CA. Although some of the structures are not historically relevant, their existing-conditions assessment is crucial for the necessary regular maintenance and long term improvement.

Adaptive Reuse and Historic Documentation - Project Example - The Colt Factory Complex, in Harford, CT. The Colt Industrial Buildings complex rehabilitation for mixed uses. The master plan for the "Colt Gateway" entails renovations to exteriors and interiors for mixed-uses comprising residential and commercial space, totaling over 600,000 sq. ft., in Hartford, CT. This plan lays the groundwork for turning these deteriorating buildings into a vital downtown neighborhood, as well as a regional educational resource.

Historic Rehabilitation - Project Example - Huntington Gardens - Japanese House, San Marino, CA. "The Huntington" Gardens, Library and Museum is a non-profit educational and cultural center located in San Marino in greater Los Angeles. It was established in 1919 by Henry E. Huntington, railroad magnate and creator of the "Big Red Cars" that ran on the largest inter-urban system in the country.

Restoration - Project Example - Fresno Metropolitan Museum, Fresno, CA. Parts of the façades will be resurfaced following inadequate restoration efforts in the 50's. To assist documentation, digitally rectified images were produced and inserted as layers on the CAD drawings. These digital images have sufficient data to be properly printed along with the drawings on up to the largest available plots sizes.

Historic Documentation - Project Example - The Ansel Adams House at the Yosemite National Park, CA. Required by the National Parks Service and to be archived in the National Archives, Washington DC - Historical Documentation of the Ansel Adams House and Gallery, at the Yosemite National Park, CA.

Addition and Alteration - Project Example - Temple Emanu-El, Birmingham, Alabama. Four exterior elevations, 4 interior elevations of the sanctuary, 2 floor plans, roof plan, extensive pediment, front doors, and decorative details drawings resulted from a 3-day site survey and 4 weeks of office work.

Adaptive Reuse - Project Example - The Forney Museum, Denver, CO. The Forney Museum, in Denver, CO., needed to be quickly, reliably, and precisely documented for the architects and engineers dealing with its reutilization project as a corporate REI flagship.

School Renovation - Project Example - The Stadium High School, in Tacoma, WA. During its construction in 1905, a fire almost destroyed the building which was being built to house a casino. After the fire, the casino project was discarded and since then, it has been housed of the "Stadium High School", one of the main secondary schools and also an important historical site in Tacoma.

Building Envelop Survey - Project Example - Temple Israel Synagogue, Wilkes-Barre, PA. Temple Israel Synagogue, in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Detailed drawings of the four façades were produced, after a rapidly deployed and executed site survey required due to the start of the scaffolding enclosure of the building for renovation.

Adaptive Reuse - Project Example - Building at 150 Golden Gate Street, San Francisco, CA. Complete documentation, executed with simultaneous exterior and interior photogrammetric and laser measurements, resulted in 5 floor plans and roof plan, 4 elevations, and 3 sections AutoCAD drawings with accuracy equal to or better than 1½ inches.

Historical Documentation and Reuse - Project Example - The Williams Building, San Francisco, CA. Adjacent to the Museum of Modern Art - SFMOMA. Before its redevelopment, façades and details of the interior were documented by request of the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) . The documentation provided historical records as well as assisted in the reutilization project. Accuracy of all measurements was equal to or better than 1½ inches.

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Historical Documentation and Monitoring - Project Example - The Adobe Houses, Santa Barbara, CA. The two Historic Adobe Houses were precisely (3D) documented and now are also being monitored because of a large excavation for the foundations of a new building on the adjacent lot. The drawings with the precise condition of walls and structures are used for comparison and monitoring in the future.

Restoration - Project Example - The Sacred Church, Wilkes-Barre, PA. Our second project for the client. - There is a great number of churches in Wilkes-Barre, PA, approximately more than one for each city block, and some haven't had sufficient parishes to support them. That is not the case for the Sacred Heart Church, which along with its attached school, is undergoing a feasibility study for renovation. Our survey was the first step of the renovation providing a reliable and accurate base for all ensuing projects.

Adaptive Reuse - Project Example - The Elevated Shops Building, San Francisco, CA. At Powell and O' Farrell Streets, downtown San Francisco, the "Elevated Shops" building was fully occupied by approximately 45 small businesses. It presented an additional challenge, as disturbance to tenants should be avoided during the site survey. Five floor plans, roof plan, 1 section, and 2 exterior elevations were produced with a 3-day site survey and 4 weeks of additional photogrammetric/CAD work.

Historic Preservation - Project Example - "Filoli - National Trust for Historic Preservation", Woodside, CA. A rare and historically important example of an early 1900's country estate, in Woodside, CA. The repair of the rusted iron porch required accurate documentation, assuring means for verifying correct replacements as well as historic authenticity. The drawings plotted at 1:1 scale provide ideal templates for the fabrication of the metal work.

Historic Documentation and Preservation - Project Example - The Church S. Francisco da Penitência, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. One of the first  baroque churches in Rio (~1730), it had all of its 6 main chambers interior elevations documented. Due to the complexity of the ornaments, photo-rectified mosaics were produced for the interior documentation. The photo-rectification through photogrammetric restitution  produced 22 CAD drawings/mosaics, assisting extensive artwork and architectural restoration.

Historic and Preventive Documentation - Project Example - The Parliament Building, Victoria, BC.  The Legislature Building, Victoria BC. As a major earthquake is expected in the Pacific Northwest Region, detailed CAD elevations were produced for the building administration as preventive and historical documentation.

Historic Restoration and Reuse - Project Example - The Golf Barn. A simple structure with a complex roof. - Built like a boat's hull, the failing roof structure presented a difficult task for structural assessment. Besides four CAD elevations and a number of photographs (for historic documentation), a mesh of 3D points on the roof was also delivered, allowing for the measurement of the 3D symmetry and settlings in the roof sides.

Building Analysis and Historic Documentation - Project Example - The Pacific Coast Cannery, Richmond, BC. The Pacific Coast Cannery, Richmond, BC, Canada. This 100-year-old National Historic Site was in an advanced state of disrepair and closed to the public due to safety concerns. As contact with the building was to be avoided, the site survey was executed with the measurement of one element away from the building (for scale and reference) but included in the photographs. The first survey, produced four elevations, one roof, one site, and one floor plan with accuracy of 1.20 cm (0.5 inch).

Preservation and Adaptive Reuse - Project Example - The General Consulate of the People's Republic of China in Vancouver, BC. For the approval of an extension to a new building for the Consulate to be built on the adjacent lot, the Vancouver Planning Department required full documentation of the historic house, which also included all the wooden panels and the interior Victorian decoration. This will assure that the new and the old buildings will properly coexist, and preserve the authenticity of the historic house.

Historic Preservation and School Renovation - Project Example - The Camosun College in Victoria, BC. The fast decaying façade materials were a hazard to students - and the renovation had to be concluded before the end of the year holidays. Cost, Accessibility, Flexibility: The site survey was executed in 4 hours, without any interruption of the final classes of the year, providing a good head-start for the renovation project.

Historic Documentation - Project Example - The Foundries Complex, in Victoria BC. Demolition had already started when we arrived on site, after an urgent call from the City's Heritage Planning Department. There were no historical records of this first industrial on the Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. In two (2) hours of site work, extensive architectural and pictorial documentation were produced.

Artifact Documentation - Project Example - The Lionel Thomas Mosaic Mural, in Vancouver, BC. It depicts the archaic symbols from which our alphabet evolved, and was constructed from vitreous glass tiles from Italy, one of the first of its kind in North America.

Urban Planning, Facade Documentation, and Addition/Alteration - Project Example - Kerrisdale Business Association. For the façade revitalization project of the Business Association, 1,000 ft (350m) of street façades were recorded in 14 hours of site work, with no disturbance to customers (no ladders, no measuring tapes, no interruption of accesses, etc.).

Archaeology - Project Example - Eight Archaeology Applications showing the advantages of photogrammetric and laser scanning technologies for documentation. 

Archaeology - additional advantages of photogrammetry and laser scanning for archaeological documentation applications. 

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